Grade 08 – Term Test Papers | Past Papers | Short Notes

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  1. K.Dakshika says:

    Use full

  2. Tiom says:

    Can you give me health and physical education past papers grade 8

  3. sumira thenujaya says:

    this is very usefulful service for children. thankyou very much

  4. thenuda says:

    i need grade 8 art second term

  5. sumira thenujaya says:

    please give me westurn music papers

  6. Chanumi says:

    Pls give western 🎶 papers

  7. Vigneshwaram says:

    Can you give me Tamil medium maths centrel province paper thirt term examination papers

  8. ............ says:

    Can you give me Southern Province year-end test 2020…?

  9. Nazrin says:

    Can u post grade 8 English medium civics 2021 central province paper

  10. gina says:

    This is a good wed site
    Thanks so much

  11. Anonymous says:

    Can you give me some Maths papers?

  12. Sanula says:

    Please give western province Buddhism and science, Civic,PTS papers

  13. this helped me for the term test says:

    this helped me for the term test

  14. Aqeel says:

    HI I need Scienece English medium the referred website doesn’t show English medium it shows Sinhala medium

  15. Anonymous says:

    please give me grade8 scince paper 3rd term in wesrern province

  16. Shamla says:

    Can you give me english medium short notes in geography

  17. Amniya Hidhayathullah says:

    Can u give NWP grade 8 history paper in tamil medium

  18. Rashini sithumini says:

    How to get english medium paper

  19. gimhan says:

    sir please can you give some maths papers please

  20. Maneesha Dissanayaka says:

    Can I have English medium History past papers?😕 There are only Sinhala medium papers😥 English medium not available

  21. gangul says:

    how is 2021 past papers

  22. Jeon Elli says:

    Great 👏🔥💯👍 , Very useful website… (๑`✪̤◡✪̤)◞ღThanksღ

  23. Lalitha says:

    Can u give me grade 8 history western province papers

  24. Pasan NImsara says:

    Please Give 2021 Southern Province Papers…

  25. Anonymous says:

    can you gave me sone shorth note for grade 8 geography english medium in 1st & 2nd lesson

  26. alex says:

    can you give me the history 2019 western province paper plz

  27. Sanuga silva says:

    can you pls give me the grade 8th history western province past paper

  28. Sanuga silva says:

    can you pls give me the grade 8th english medium history western province past paper.

  29. Hshni says:

    Can you give me some tamil papers

  30. nikila says:

    good job thank you

  31. Shehani Sameera says:

    Can I have Grade 8 first term Eastern music papers?

  32. malsha says:

    godak hodai pepar eka

  33. sanu says:

    Can you give me some ICT papers

  34. Riska says:

    Pls give me grade 8 second language third term papers

  35. ABEL says:


  36. Venuri says:

    Godak hodayi me paper eka

  37. Dumindi says:

    This was very useful for me thanks wiki

  38. Dumindi says:

    This was very useful for me for my term test thanks wiki

  39. Anonymous says:


  40. Anonymous says:

    plz 2nd trmtest maths pepars

  41. Daniel says:

    Plz can you give me grade 8 2nd term religion & history tamil medium exam papers

  42. Sehas says:

    Can you give me some health papers

  43. Danushan says:

    tommarro exam Pleaase give me the history. Civis short notes Tamil medium please

  44. lutharaaa says:

    need some more second term Sinhala papers pls

  45. Hiruni hansika says:

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  46. Anonymous says:

    Can you give me some science papers please

  47. Anonymous says:

    can i get grade 8 health unit test papers?

  48. a.t says:


  49. Kosala says:

    ✔Grate Work👍

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