Wednesday, August 10, 2022
Sri Lanka Largest Past Papers Bank !

Grade 09 – Term Test Papers | Past Papers | Short Notes

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  1. Anonymous says:


  2. Mohammed says:

    Assalamu alaikum

  3. Anonymous says:

    we want western province past papers

  4. Senali says:

    Please add some english medium short notes too😣

  5. Sharfa says:

    I won’t zonal aducation dipatment gampola grade 7 and 9 exem paper second term

  6. Anonymous says:

    Northern province past paper

  7. Samoditha says:

    Please add english meadium short notes

  8. Anonymous says:

    please can you grade 9 2019 sinhala medium 3rd term test papers give me

  9. Muditha Induwara says:

    We want more grade 9 north western province papers + Buddhism papers. Please upload. Thanks.

  10. MDS says:

    Thank you your papers.
    That are very helpful for us to face the our exams

  11. javeena says:

    we want buddhism papers

  12. Ridmini Ravihari says:

    There very helpful
    Upload the Buddhism papers also

  13. Hasitha says:

    I want grade 9 english medium short notes

  14. Harshana says:


  15. Amal says:


  16. orb says:


  17. kakaka says:


  18. ridmika says:

    please add grade 9 buddhism 1,2 lessons short notes

  19. Shanmuganathan Maheeshna says:

    please tamil medium papers

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