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Download Grade 11 Past Papers, Model Papers, Term Test Papers, Short Notes, textbooks, School Syllabus, and Teachers Guide from one place.

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  3. pavith nadiranga says:

    grade 11/10 english papers are there

  4. Chehan mendiya says:

    We want Eng medium lessons short notea too

  5. Sayuru says:

    Northern province third term 2019 grd11 science paper eka

  6. Gayan says:

    useful & valuable

    • Anonymous says:

      Very appreciable wiki. We can collect all the papers in one place. Keep it up.
      Some O/L papers are not there so, take an action.
      Good Luck ! ❤️

      • anju p prabhu says:

        very good page. i really appreciate this page..very helpful. its easy to use. i hope there will be more uses of this page.well done

  7. Ashika Eshan😉 says:

    Thanks wiki ….
    The reason for my success – Wiki🤞☺️

  8. Sudajith Devapriya says:

    Please send us the English medium papers

  9. Rajindra Ariyaratne says:

    Pls give me central provine grade 11 3rd term test papers 2022

  10. Anonymous says:

    please can u upload science short notes in english medium too

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  12. dope boy says:

    adoo patt bn wiki

  13. Osan Renija says:

    Actually,This is good page. I really appriciate” past papers WIKI”’..💪💪

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    I need your help pls, I wants to Downloads a app for past papers. What do u call apps for paper

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    good job

  17. D.M Adeesha Oshada says:

    oyalage me udawwa mata sahenna prayojanayak una. corona case ekka anathama vela hitiye. thank you wiki

  18. thank you wiki gaodak vatina vadak

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  20. Anonymous says:

    Educational web site

  21. Anonymous says:

    No paper and both answers?

  22. Abdul raheem says:

    I want english medium past papers

  23. tharusha degodagamage says:

    this is useful to valuable.

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    Please update more English medium papers. Great work.

  27. Player_42 says:

    Please update more English medium papers. Great work. Keep it up….!

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  29. Anonymous says:

    Really help full

  30. LurePets says:

    Amazing was a huge help with the attached marking schemes. Thanks a lot.

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  32. sarani methmini says:

    service is good

  33. Anonymous says:

    can we have french past papers english medium plzz?

  34. Spider Gaming says:

    Sri Lankan number one education website <3
    Keep it up

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    Good work!

  36. Anonymous says:

    best website 🫶

  37. NIrmal Niduk says:

    appreciate your effort @pastpaperswiki .Actually, we can download all kind of past papers from one place. As O/L students, these days we could spend our money to buy past paper books because there are too expensive. But now we can download past papers easily. All I can say is, thank you…

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    Super website thanx for you

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    Fucking useful website 🗿🔱

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    This is a best website. Please consider Tamil medium students also 😭😭😭😭😭

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    very good

  43. Anonymous says:

    Meeka ICT papers nane

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    good job and keep it up 👼🌸

  45. minenhle masango says:

    hello can i please have 2023 history paper for term 2

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