O/L Past papers and answers in Sinhala, Tamil and English Medium

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  1. R.A.D.F.Rexshon says:

    Please help me with English Literature marking schemes

  2. Shyamalee says:

    Please send me Buddhism and History Sinhala medium marking schemes?

  3. Sanduni says:

    Can you upload English Literature past papers

  4. Sriyantha Liyana Arachchi says:

    Pease send me last 5 years O/L Sinhala literature past papers.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Can you upload hinduism past papers

  6. Aksh says:


  7. Anonymous says:

    can u upload 2020 O/L drama sinhala medium paper

  8. Gayantha bandara says:

    2018 buddhism past papper 1k nadda

  9. A.R.Rihla says:

    பாஸ் பேப்பர்

  10. akshaya says:

    please send me german 20197 marking schene

  11. Anonymous says:

    Please can i have the sinhala literature

  12. Shakya says:

    Please supply the answer sheet for 2020 o/l ICT model paper

  13. Rasindu says:

    Please add 2020 O/L Western Music paper.

  14. Maru says:

    Please send me 2019 OL civics part 1 marking scheme and 2020 OL civics paper and marking scheme in English

  15. Maru says:

    Please send me 2019 OL civics marking scheme part 1 and 2020 OL civics paper and marking scheme in English

  16. Senuri Sandeepani says:

    Please send me last 5 years O/L Sinhala Literature (2nd Basket subject) with marking schemes.

  17. johnpillai says:

    2020 o/l science english mesium marking scheme please

  18. Kb says:

    Please can you supply Grade 9 performance tests ?

  19. Dulanji says:

    Please send me third term western province mathematics paper in 2020

  20. Dulanji says:

    Sorry Grade 10 Mathamatics sinhala medium western province 2020 paper

  21. Tharusha Indumina says:

    Please, Give me the 2019 Sinhala Literature Paper

  22. wishmi says:

    could you please send me 2020 sinhala literature paper ?

  23. Anonymous says:

    puluwan nam mata 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 sinhala lit papers ewannako

  24. Suseema Bamunusinghe says:

    I want the pdf of the following papers.
    (GCE O/L 2020 )
    1. maths (eng medium)
    2. geography ( eng medium)
    3. western music
    4. Buddhism
    5. history ( Sinhala medium)
    6. sinhala
    7. english

  25. M.h says:

    Pls upload the 2020 O/L english medium science paper

  26. Hawk alfred says:

    Pls upload the 2020 O/L english medium science paper

  27. Rasmi says:

    please add Business and Accounting & Second Language (Sinhala) of 2020 O/L past papers in sinhala medium.

  28. Senu says:

    Please give scince o/ l pper marks sheet

  29. Anonymous says:

    I need the 2016 marking scheme of ENGLISH MEDUIM science o/l paper

  30. Afker says:

    I want the pdf of the O/L 1986 to 2020 maths paper

  31. Afker says:

    I want the pdf of the O/L past paper Maths 1986 to 2020

  32. Anonymous says:

    Tamil Literature paper and scheme for 2020 is not available. Please get that too. Basket subject.

  33. Nipun says:


  34. sani says:


  35. D.S.S.M.Sooriyaarachchi says:

    Please send me Geography -G.C.E -O/L -2020 paper and marking scheme.

  36. D.S.S.M.Sooriyaarachchi says:

    Please, send me the geography -English medium – G.C.E.O/L -2020 paper with the marking scheme soon.

  37. Adithya piumath says:

    2016 commerce paper eka nadda answers ekka

  38. Anonymous says:

    Plz send me last 40 years maths papers 0/l

  39. ARUSH says:


  40. ARUSH says:

    plz send me last 50 yrs OL past papers maths sinhala medium

  41. user says:

    Is there no model papers released for western music?

  42. Anonymous says:

    can i obtain 2021 third term sinhala ol paper plz

  43. .Revanthani. says:

    2020 OL (second language) tamil exam paper nea. oyala weradiyata upload karala thiyenne OL tamil & literture exam paper eka. plz send 2020 OL secnd language tamil paper eka.

  44. S.Revanthani. says:

    2020 OL second language Tamil paper nea. oyala upload karala thiyenne OL tamil & literure paper eka. plz send 2020 OL second language Tamil exam paper.

  45. Aathil says:

    oru paperum olungaa ille there is no style in your website

  46. Chathurya Franando says:

    super web sit Tnx past papers .wiki team

  47. Vigas says:

    there is no pastpaper inside 2021 history tamilmedium,only visible to see an photo 😂

  48. Nazneen Lantra says:

    Can you pls upload 5 years O/L second language sinhala papers

  49. Pamu mathula says:

    I want G.C.E O/L sinhala lit paper 1st part , plz Can I have it?

  50. Karunathilake Maddumage says:

    Can I get Dham paasal final exam and Dharmacharya past papers with marking schemes

  51. Menura Lakvindu says:

    I want western province 1st term test drama parper 2019

  52. Rizwana says:

    I want second language sinhala past papers with answers



  54. Mariam says:

    Business studies 2021 paper pls

  55. Anonymous says:

    Please help me gce o/l sinhala medium ict paper marking scheme

  56. Short hort 1 varaya

  57. Short not gard 11

  58. Anonymous says:

    pl get recent past papers for Arabic Literature also, please

  59. Anonymous says:


  60. Anonymous says:

    தமிழ் இலக்கிய நயம் papers

  61. mr.s.thuban says:

    Can you pls upload 2021(2022) O/L second language sinhala paper and MARKING SCHEME

  62. r. thushanth says:

    o/l 2021 ict paper

  63. ashi says:

    can you send me 2021(2022) english medium all the past papers

  64. Disna Asanki says:

    Can you give me 2008 O/L English language paper

  65. Very good 😊

  66. Nifla says:

    Can you upload tamil literature

  67. R B S J Premarathna says:

    Marching scheme

  68. niduki says:

    plz give me grade 11 O/l all buddhism papers central province

  69. Ash says:

    Please, can I have the Business studies 2021 English medium past paper?

  70. asjath says:

    can you send me 2022 grade 10 maths and science past papers

  71. asjath says:

    can you send me 2022 grade 10 maths and science past papers plzzzzzzzzz

  72. asjath says:

    can you give me grade 10 helth & physical
    education past papers

  73. sarani methmini says:

    hi wiki…how to get sinhala lit past papers

  74. Anonymous says:

    I need 2016 ol civics past paper marking scheme

  75. Hashintha says:


  76. Anonymous says:

    Science english medium short note

  77. Anonymous says:

    Can you please give me the English medium ICT papers from 2016

  78. Haneef says:

    Can you give ol ict 2018 past paper scheme

  79. Emma says:

    pls, upload 2022 O/L commerce and Buddhism MODEL papers. pls. pls. pls.

  80. Heshi says:

    Please upload the first term second term past paper in grade 11

  81. plese help me with more papers

  82. Laila says:

    Can you please add 2021(2022) and2022(2023)
    Tamil literature past papers

  83. Pahan Induwara Liyanage says:

    May I please have the 2022(2023) O/L Buddhism paper in English medium. Although I got it from here, It’s in Sinhala Medium.

  84. Rehansa Dabarera says:

    Can I have marking schemes of health science and English past papers of 2021 & 2022

  85. Anonymous says:

    North western province sinhala paper 2023 (2024) answers

  86. Chamika says:

    North western province sinhala paper 2023 (2024) answers

  87. Anonymous says:

    Send me ol 2021 sinhala marking scheme

  88. CMD says:


  89. Irfan says:

    I need Tamil literature 2024(2023) model paper

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