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  1. U.K.S.Silva says:

    Where are past papers for the English language?

  2. Hivin Sivsath says:

    Where are past papers for the English litreture?

  3. Janindee says:

    Are there any japanese language papers or short notes ?

  4. Rashmika says:

    Good job 🤩

  5. Darshi Amarasinga says:

    I need sinhala 3rd term test paper of 2019 by North western province.Will it be available soon?

  6. Are there any french short notes for grade 10

  7. Eranjan says:

    Good job . We can get all past papers in one website.

  8. R.K,B says:

    thanks its helpfull

  9. Anonymous says:

    I need 3rd term 1st language tamil papers.soon as possible

  10. Anonymous says:

    drama papers?

  11. G.Sasikumar says:

    I need tamil medium answer sheets for grade 10 term test – 2021

    • aruni says:

      Can i have grade 10 2017 and 2016 second term southern province english medium science papers with answers

  12. aruni says:

    Can i have grade 10 2017 and 2016 sabaragamuwa province second term test english medium papers with answers

  13. tharushi says:

    I need Grade 10 Drama sinhala medium notes and papers

  14. Anonymous says:

    Aren’t there any short notes on German language for OL students?

  15. Anonymous says:

    arent there any short notes on German language for OL students?

  16. Anonymous says:


  17. Sethuni says:

    Great Job
    Very useful and can get easily lot of papers
    thank you very much

  18. Sethuni says:

    Great Job very useful
    Can get lot of papers
    Thank you very much

  19. AGMK says:

    I need tamil medium answer sheets for grade 10 term test – 2021 plz

  20. Nafry says:

    Grade 10 science short notes pdf download

  21. Anonymous says:

    Are there any German past papers

  22. Anonymous says:

    I need grade 10 first term German past papers plz

  23. 1234 says:

    Good Job❤❤
    I need sinhala medium Drama notes and papers

  24. i need grade 10 2021 past paper English medium .

  25. dear children visit e-thaksilava . watch DP education, and do WIKI past paper .

  26. Anonymous says:

    Could you please add grade 10 French papers also?

  27. Anonymous says:

    Is there any french language papers???

  28. Orla Pince says:

    Is there any french language papers???

  29. H says:


  30. Nisha says:

    I need western province past papers for all subjects

  31. Tharusha rukshan says:

    where is the sinhala litreture papers

  32. mahesh dananjaya says:

    i want science english medium study pack grade 10

  33. Ofelia says:

    German language grade 10 first term test paper 2020

  34. Nimesh Lakshan says:

    Thank you very much………………………………..

  35. Zoro says:


  36. Anonymous says:

    Need more media papers

  37. lia says:

    Can you please give me History,Buddhism past papers in English?

  38. dewli says:

    i need past papers

  39. Anonymous says:

    Where is the japaneese papers

  40. Miyasi says:

    Can I have the grade 10 second term sinhala medium science paper 2022?

  41. Dushan says:

    good thank you very much
    this website is very helpful for learning

  42. Mohamed Saafi says:

    Communication &Media studies paper??
    2nd term paper

  43. Ewon says:

    i want a 2nd term Japanese paper…plzzz

  44. J.Jenursan says:

    I want to Grade 10 saivaneri 2022

  45. Ukkubanda says:

    Hudayi wade

  46. Ukkubanda says:

    Hudayi wade

  47. BHANU says:

    I need 2020 grade 10 oriental music sinhala medium 3rd term test paper.Can you give me it?

  48. Anonymous says:

    southern province paper

  49. nz says:

    where health science for grade 10 tamil medium?

  50. Anonymous says:


  51. Umesh says:


  52. Nilu says:

    Hi can I get 2018 southern Province science grade 10 3rd term paper with answer scheme?

  53. methusha says:

    wheare is a commas paper

  54. Pushpalatha says:


  55. Aloka says:

    Can I get 2019 north western province mathematics 3rd term test paper for grade 10 in sinhala medium?

  56. Rocky says:

    This is the most waste web site

  57. sheri says:

    useful lot

  58. B.Yugaan says:

    I need grade 10 southern province paper 2022

  59. FDO says:

    where the short notes for english medium subjects

  60. Anonymous says:

    commerce sinhala medium 3rd lesson short note

  61. Iwant all past peppers pdf download

  62. Arafa says:

    Iwant all past peppers pdf download

  63. manisha says:

    please note that we cannot download or see the short notes of Bussiness studies grade 10 short notes.
    please help. i hope that short notes will help my son to study well.

    thank you

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